Capacity building support Kosovo

The European Training Foundation, the EU agency that supports education and training in countries around the EU, invited ResearchNed to assist the Kosovo Pedagogical Institute (KPI) with designing and undertaking an access, drop-out and evaluation analysis of VET (vocational education and training) students.
We worked closely with KPI, a research institute within the Kosovo Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, to share our knowledge of research methodology. The project involved three missions to Kosovo. The first mission focused on designing a research project: methodology, research questions, questionnaire development, sample selection, instrument testing and project planning. On the second mission, we focused on data handling and quality assurance: entering questionnaires into a database, data cleaning, quality assurance, analysing data, and drawing conclusions. On the third mission, ResearchNed helped KPI formulate recommendations for policy makers to improve the effectiveness of the education and training system.
To mark the end of the project, ResearchNed and the Kosovo research team co-hosted a workshop for all stakeholders involved (pupils, parents, teachers, school leaders, municipalities, national government representatives and donor organisations). The workshop discussed the outcomes of the research project and evaluated the relevance and feasibility of the proposed recommendations.