Client: European Commission / DZHW
Period: 2008-present
Contact person: Joris Cuppen

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The expansion of the knowledge society is creating an ever-growing need for European benchmarking with comparative data on studying in European (higher) education. Although much of the statistical data is provided by organisations such as Eurostat, for a long time little attention was paid to the social dimension of studying in European higher education. For this reason, a consortium of European researchers and representatives of government ministries was set up to explore the possibility of producing a joint report of existing social dimension data that had been gathered through national student surveys.
The resulting EUROSTUDENT project aims to provide policy-makers at the national and European levels with comparative data on the social and economic dimensions of studying in European higher education systems. Following a successful pilot in 1997, the project was expanded to include 26 countries in 2010 (EUROSTUDENT IV). To ensure the success of the project, a network was established of national governments and researchers with the aim of sharing ideas and making joint decisions on research design, methodological issues, use of indicators, and more.
In the past three project rounds, ResearchNed has collected and submitted the data and information on the Netherlands. Involvement in the project has enabled us to develop a strong position in the EUROSTUDENT network.

Please visit www.eurostudent.eu for further information (e.g. publications) about this project. Click here to read our latest publication and here for a thematic report about students’social integration.